Our journey towards a calmer mind

We (Jonathan & Henry) both came to the same conclusion at about the same time in late autumn 2017 whilst working at the same company: That we hated our jobs.

As our conversations migrated gradually towards the prospect of leaving, we wondered: What next?

We both had a vague inkling we wanted to start a business, but had no idea what business that would be.

Over the next 6 months, we went our separate ways. Henry got fired when they finally realised he wasn't doing any work. Jonathan went into consultancy to squirrel away some savings.

Yet one core idea had always been present throughout this difficult stage - this process of self-discovery - to calm us when we are anxious, to reassure us when we were worried.

And that was writing. And, specifically, journaling.

Henry came to the realisation on Sep 1st 2017 that he needed to leave a toxic job when he sat down to write that morning, as he has done every morning for years. That inkling, that sense of dissatisfaction, became crystallised on the page in his journal:

"I am miserable", he wrote. "I am miserable because I hate my job. I hate my job because it lacks purpose, I think our leadership is immoral & everyone seems more interested in office politics than any mission."

And that simple act of writing, of clarifying the dissatisfaction, the anxiety, swirling round in his head, was the only reason he got out & started a business, Scribe.

Jonathan, on the other hand, attributes leaving a toxic relationship, leaving a lucrative career at Volkswagen & pursuing his own vision with his own company to journaling every day.

Yet, when we started to explore starting a journaling app, our conversations with users & our community members tended to come back to the same point:

That most people are dealing with something -- depression, anxiety, uncertainty -- but they don't know where to turn for help.

Some have tried therapy, but it's too expensive and there's too much stigma attached. Some meditation, but struggle to build a habit. Some try journaling, but don't see enough benefits from it.

So, we thought, what if we can provide you with the benefits of long-term journaling after just one session? Can we motivate you to write, to pour your thoughts on a page, so that you can learn from those thoughts after?

What if you could objectively identify problems in your life? And act to solve them? All through one app?

We started Scribe to provide solutions to all those unanswered questions.

Why don't you come along for the journey?

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